A Fresh Look at Business Support Programming (JPF, BGI, SIF, and other acronyms you need to know)

A Planning Tool Kit for Healthy Rural Communities

Addressing Economic Development Issues

Agriculture as an Economic Development Opportunity

Agri-food Sector Asset Mapping

Attracting Investment Through Business Park Cluster Development

Building Climate Resilience: Infrastructure Considerations

Community Economic Development (CED) 201

Creating a Destination – Economic Benefits of Place-based Design

Cyber Risk and Social Media in the Municipal Sector

Development Charges – What, Why and Recent Changes to D.C. Legislation

Development Review – CAs and Municipalities Working Together for Success

District Energy and your Community – What’s in it for me?

Eastern Ontario Transportation Needs Analysis (EOTNA); Phase II: Project Screening

Economic Development – Where are we collaborating on regional priorities?

Environmental Liability for Contaminated Lands

Growing Businesses in Eastern Ontario

How Ice Cream Transformed a Community

Incivility in the Workplace

Investing in the Future: Updated Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy

Love your Lakes! Partners in Lake and River Stewardship

Low Impact Development – More Than a Trendy Term: Opportunities for Alternative Stormwater Management in Eastern Ontario

Meeting the Economic Development Challenges with Increasing Transparency Demands

Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Municipal Leading Practices

Municipal Legislation Overview

Ombudsman Oversight and Municipalities

Ontario Culture Strategy

Ontario’s New Disaster Recovery Assistance Programs

Professional Commercial Realtors – Partners in Business Attraction and Retention

Review of the Aggregate Resources Act

Rural Community Hubs

SDG Regional EDOWG, in Action

Species at Risk Guidance for Municipal Official Plans and Projects in-or-near Water

The Case of the OMB Cases

The Heritage Economy – Communities as Shareholders in History

The New Age of Advanced

Manufacturing – How Communities Can Capitalize

The Power of Teeny Tiny Places

Tools for Municipal Budgeting and Long-term Financial Planning

Tourism Development – Preparing to Meet the Investment Dragons

Topical Labour and Employment Law and Legal Updates

Upper Tier Collaboration

Website & Email Marketing: Preparing for the Future

Why is May 31st Such an Important Date for Municipalities? Are you aware of your main financial reporting requirement to the Province?

Why Learn about Intellectual Property?